Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Slingshot Yourself Into The Coney Heavens Above

Image courtesy of Julia Pelish (Julia Pelish Photography)

There's a bit of a buzz on the Coney Island USA message board about the desire to bring the popular extreme thrill ride; The Slingshot to Coney Island. Frequent poster and publisher of YouGottaLoveConey.com has been in an e-mail discussion with the manager of Magical Midway park in Orlando, Florida.

Elephant Man writes:

I wrote to the manager of Magical Midway, the park I visited when doing the new Imagine Coney article on my website, to ask a few more questions about their rides. Instead, I got a letter back from the park's owner, who is also director of Funtime, the parent company who manufactures all the rides shown on new page, and along with answering my questions, revealed to me that....They have a SLINGSHOT that needs to be relocated after the end of this season!!

The Slingshot darts high into the sky and slings its daring riders up more than 70 meters in a flash of a second and continues bouncing and dangling them until they descend back down to normality...after recuperation of course. The ride would be the most expensive (from $20 and up) in Coney but it would sure command attention in Coney Island with its height and night display.



Ajlouny said...

What about the risk of huge injury on that thing. It looks like it would be pretty painful if by some fluke it slings in a misguided direction.

TheDoD3 said...

I find it kind of funny that someone who has a personal injury website is concerned about that. Haha

Anyway, these Fun Time Slingshots have good track records. It's the old bungee operated Slingshots that are accident prone.

I think it'll be a nice addition to Coney. Not only is it a thrilling ride, but it'll also draw crowds as well.

Ajlouny said...

Actually, I have been in Portland Oregon when they have the Rose Parade over there, and look at that ride and get all tight in my stomach watching people ride that thing. It is pretty spectacular on the distance it takes when it's in motion.

av0120 said...

Please correct me if I am wrong but...I am pretty sure that in the mid-late 90's, there was a slingshot ride in Coney Island! It was set up in the lot next to the Batting Cages and go carts, on Stillwell Ave. Does anyone else remember this??

injurydoctornyc said...

Way thrilling of a ride. I haven't tried this myself, but man o man watching it gives me the chills.