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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hoopla HOOPLA!

In Coney Island, developer learns from Atlantic Yards [Atlantic Yards Project]
Sanitized, Vegas-style Coney Island coming soon [New Yorkology]
Coney Island to turn into shitty mall for jerks [Meathaus Enterprises]
Coney developer's Web site omits luxe housing proposal [NY Daily News]

Gowanus Lounge:

Reasons to Worry About Coney Island's Future, Part 45
Rant of the Day: "Coney Island to Turn Into Shitty Mall for Jerks
Coney Island Fact Check: Two-Story Carousel at Freehold Mall

Only Coney - the new photoblog dediated to Coney Island
Coney Island Fog [Brooklyn Enthusiast]
Coney Island 1 [Satan's Laundromat - a photo blog]


Coney Aquarium Renovation Animation [Gowanus Lounge]

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