Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Coney blog: "Only Coney" the daily image blog!

Thanks to Gowanus Lounge for coming across a great new Coney blog, this one dedicated to images of Coney on a daily basis. In addition, the Only Coney photoblog features other links related to Coney Island; A section of 'What to see', 'Getting to Coney Island', Coney News links, other various Coney tid-bits, and even a section for Kinetic Carnival links. Also some Coney reading and of course to the pool of Coney photos at at the Only Coney Flickr group.

Gowanus Lounge says:

Coney deserves a photoblog that showcases great photos, and it's articularly important as Southern Brooklyn's Riveria begins to change in fundamental ways. (We strongly believe that one of the many vital things that bloggers are doing in Brooklyn is providing an important visual record of fast-changing neighborhoods.) "Only Coney" is the work of the good people behind the excellent Brit in Brooklyn blog, which often features excellent Coney Island photos as part of its mix. Welcome!!!

Only Coney Daily Photoblog

New Brooklyn Blog Alert #1: Only Coney [Gowanus Lounge]


Only Coney said...

Thank's for the shout!

Anonymous said...

whats the overall assessment of existing real esate values over the next few years in Coney Island? Seems the new condo construction will increase inventory. But will the values in this neighborhood continue to rise nonetheless?