Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thor Dishes Out Their Future Of Coney Website

Thor's PR firm (The Marino Organization) launches the website for their proposed new Coney Island: The Future Of Coney Island. Flashed across the limited website offers the various fantastical renderings that were reshaped and rehashed throughout the summer.

However, what has been consistent with them are the discreetness of the controversial parts of the plans which are the development of luxury housing high-rises along the boardwalk. The site offers the promise of jobs for the communities, how the project will serve the community, a comments page which they will post only the positive and the praise, and on their amusements page, the site has the coaster running in and out of 'proposed' buildings once again.

It would be interesting to see if Thor answers to the many discussions about them omitting their housing plans from all their news flashes and advertisements.

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