Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lola Staar Escapes From The ‘Clause’ Of Thor

Dianna Carlin founder of the ‘long tunnel of pink fabulousness’, that was the Lola Staar Boutique, has let loose from the entanglement she claims has been a negative dealing with Thor Equities.

Thor placed a confidentiality clause in the new leases for their tenants. This is just one of the rumors by other store and amusement operators about some of the behind-the-scenes dealings with Thor. Out of respect for them, mum has been the word.

Carlin spoke to Metro’s Amy Zimmer about her relationship with Thor, which at the beginning was a positive one. However she was not in agreement with the lease which included a clause that forbade tenants to speak about the development in the neighborhood. Regardless, over a month ago she decided to sign the lease.
“I so badly wanted another summer in Coney Island”, said Carlin.
A few days later Thor rejected to execute the lease and instead evicted here. Now free from the binds of the contract she is ready to talk about her experience.
“They’re trying to deceive everyone into believing they will create amusements,” Carlin said. “They just want to play hardball with the city to get the zoning changed so they can build condos on the boardwalk.” Current zoning does not allow that.
Carlin is sure that Thor has been putting up a facade about the amusements but are actually more concerned with building condos over most of the property they purchased - leaving the limited amusements as a public amenity courtesy of the condos. Perhaps with even expected curfews and limitations that would be required by condo owners. This has been speculated by many but it's the first time someone directly dealing with Thor is coming out with it.

It appears that she has contacted a few media platforms, in addition to Metro, including various blogs about discussing her ordeal. Hopefully with Carlin’s aid we can come up with a clearer picture of what Thor’s real intentions are for the area. Everything they have presented, so far, contradicts each other and sounds delusional on the part of Thor Equities.

Not Quiet On Coney Island: Thor Wants Towers, say Lola [Metro] PDF file
(Non PDF file) [Metro]

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