Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prepping For Ole Coney's Final Season 2007

With a reprieve from the stream of bitingly cold days full of hard frozen snow, the mild temperatures today brought out many at Coney.

Slumming from Surf Avenue to the boardwalk and even the pier, many were eager to get a taste of the looming summer. The arcade game operators including Astroland workers were out at full force prepping up and stocking their businesses for what many feel will be the end of Coney as we knew it.

Many of the businesses had their gates swung open with boxes and merchandise filling their operations. Astroland maintenance crew were revamping some of the mechanics on some of the rides.

The businesses along the boardwalk were quiet except for a few men sitting in front of Ruby's and Cha Cha's. Both establishments are supposed to be opened one last time this season. Sadly, Lola's Boutique who was one of few on the boardwalk evicted has already gone, including the sign that stood above the entrance.

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