Friday, February 02, 2007

Zigun Wants Hot Dog and Franchise For Coney

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Dick Zigun spoke to the New York Sun yesterday saying that he is for development of the kind that brings in visitors in larger numbers. He said Coney Island is broken and is willing to sacrifice a bit of Coney's charm in exchange for progress - with results by 2011.

"Let's be realistic," he said. "It's called progress. Although you lose a certain amount of charm, hopefully you have good-quality major attractions."

Mr. Zigun is working on capitalizing the world-wide commodity that is Coney Island to appeal to larger venues like The House of Blues and the Hard Rock Cafe which would bring in big-name performers along with large crowds. He is also working hard to keep Coney institutions like Nathan's Famous.

However, Zigun disagrees with Thor's plans for building condos.

Some of the neighborhood's mainstays, such as the aquarium, the Cyclone roller coaster, and his own Coney Island Museum, will survive the deluge of new construction, he said, but added that there is no reason to freeze
the scene at a certain moment in time.

Richard Zigun Rides Out Coney Island's Ups and Downs [NY Sun]

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