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Clarification Of Coney Rezoning Process

In an email sent to KC from Purnima Kapur's office, Jennifer Torres: Deputy Press Secretary clarifies some misinformation in our last post that was obtained through an article in the News. Her email is posted here in its entirety in hopes that it will clarify this quite detailed process.

Torres writes:

Here's some background information to correct the recent post: The rezoning proposal is not about to head into the City's formal land use process (ULURP). Certification is not targeted for October 14th. Certification of all actions associated with the comprehensive Coney Island rezoning plan will take place together in early 2009.

The mapping application referenced in the article is a technical milestone within the larger comprehensive plan for Coney Island, it will accompany other actions within the Coney Island rezoning that the City is aiming to certify in early 2009.

On October 14th, DCP will hold an interagency mapping conference to review the technical aspects of the application, which include: establishing a new street system, related grade changes,new park additions, etc.. All relevant agencies and utility companies are invited to this meeting. Although the public does not attend these technical meetings, CB13 has been invited to participate and comment on the technical aspects of the mapping application. The comments received at this meeting will be reviewed and if any changes are needed as a result, the application will be modified to reflect those.

Following the Interagency conference, the mapping application will be reviewed in detail by the Borough President's Topographical Unit to finalize the technical details of the application prior to DCP's Certification of the application as complete and entering into ULURP. Once the application is certified, there will be opportunities for public comment on this portion of the application as well as others going forward.

The City has not been invited to an CB 13 executive committee meeting next week to present/discuss the rezoning proposal (or even the mapping application).

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