Friday, October 17, 2008

Coney Rezoning: City Parkland Woes

The Brooklyn Paper who often has been pro Thor in the development saga of Coney Island is fearful of the city's push for 'parkland' conversion of Coney Island acreage. Since 'Parkland' status leaves its areas vulnerable to the whims of the city, we should be weary that once the areas convert to 'parkland' the city could change their minds and utilize the parkland for anything they choose. If one amusement entity were to come and operate on the nine acre space and they fail, another administration could come around and place something else in its place. At this point the Mayor's plan calls for a very small acre to include outdoor amusements squeezed inside larger areas of residential and corporate commercial outlets. And this is what those who want to protect the character of Coney Island are against.

The Brooklyn Paper writes:

Under questioning for The Brooklyn Paper, city officials admitted this week that if the areaa is rezoned as "parkland", virtually anything can be built there. The city zoning resolution does not require "parkland" to be set aside as green space, to be devoid of chimerical activity or , indeed , to be off-limits to housing development.

Actually, all it does is put such "parkland" under the sole control of the mayor's office. No rezoning hearing or public review process will kick in if the city later wants to build a hotel or a conference center or housing or a shopping mall in the so-called "people's playground".

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Bloomy's Coney Baloney [The Brooklyn Paper]

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