Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Flood Of Almost Bliblical Porportions Inundates America's Playground

The Weather Channel's documentary program "It Could Happen Tomorow" depicts the possibility that scientists predicts could happen in the next couple of years when the next big hurricane travel up the east coast could head directly for New York City.
The hurricane's eye invades New York Bay. Pushing along a three-story high wall of water...the massive storm surge. A flood of almost biblical proportions inundates America's Playground, wiping out its storied past.

clear here to see video


Unknown said...

not such a laughing matter. my home owners isurance company just refused to renew my policy because they are concerned after 20 years that I live too close to the water.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how you can see the Thor Equities logo on the building right before it gets inundated.