Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coney Island On CNN: Kitsch Vs. Cash

CNN's Wolf Blitzer in the 'Situation Room' ran a short segment on the new Mayor's plan for a Coney Island redevelopment.

The Mayor's plan which promises to revitalize the decayed, yet still thriving, Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York - by creating thousands of new permanent jobs and and improved infrastructure to the area - carries a major flaw in it that would change what Coney Island has been for over a century. A place of uniqueness, oddities, and merriment. The plan calls for four high-rise hotels that would create a cut off to the beach while shrinking out-door amusements.

The Mayor's plan, which passed affirmatively by the NY City Council this past Wednesday, July 29th, still faces many obstacles; with a big developer, the bad economy, and the hotel and amusement corporations which will not find their investment feasible.

Large hotels don't make sense for a small amusement area that could be covered in one afternoon. Neither would an indoor water park that may suffer during the summer seasons.

Unless the city's plan is once again revised, their wishes will never materialize and Mayor Bloomberg will not be able to pin a medal to his legacy with Coney Island.

(NOTE: Appoligies for not catching the first two sentences reported by Wolf Blitzer)


Anonymous said...

I've been to Coney Island by curiosity, because I've heard this place was special for its mood.

I've found there great people, authentic parts of american popular culture and a unique poetry.

You can't let them do that.
I was just there for a trip, and I'm far away now, but if I was near the city now, I would do anything to stop them.

This world just too much looks like Disneyland; we don't need more of it.

Omar Robau said...

Actually, I feel if the world looked a lot Disney World, I'd be very happy. But Coney Island should be Coney Island.