Saturday, July 04, 2009

Elepant Victory In Coney Bun Eating Contest

Image courtesy of Butch Moran

The Ringling Brother Barnum & Bailey Circus Elephants and humans of the Major League Eating competed in fully sanctioned Bun Eating Contest by International Federation of Competitive Eating! Event that's a mouthful these elephants can't gorge down. The humans lost to the elephants by a mile. What's the exact count is we'll have to find out.

Elephantman of
GottaLoveConey said on the Coney Island USA board:
The thing was hillarious! The elephants were quite meticulous, even retrieving single dropped buns off the ground before returning to the big pile. The mammoth gastronomes even enjoyed a few bananas in between hot dog rolls.

Image above courtesy of Butch Moran

Pablo57 posted this video below on the CIUSA board:

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