Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Micheal Jackson Neverland Ranch Kiddie Ride At Coney Island

Image courtesy of Norman Blake

Temporarily residing in Coney Island's new Dreamland Park by Thor Equities is one of the kiddie rides brought over by a California amusment ride company, Butler Amusements. The Dragon Wagon Kiddie Coaster was purchases from Micheal Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch last year. And eventually brought here this year to Coney Island.

Found on Amuseing the Zillion, Tricia Vita writes:

ATZ learned of the Coney Island ride’s Neverland provenance earlier this month in a conversation with the ride’s owner, Earl “Butch” Butler, CEO of California-based Butler Amusements. The carnival owner purchased four rides from the Jackson ranch last year including the Balloon Samba ride, which is currently at California’s Alameda County Fair. Butler is the new carnival provider for the California State Fair and has a strong fair and festival route in California, Oregon and Washington State.

Read more about Butler's Coney connection on ATZ blog.

Image courtesy of Amusing the Zillion / Tricia Vita

Over the 4th of July weekend Michael Jackson fans in Coney Island who were aware of the kiddie ride from Neverland Ranch placed posters of the pop icon as a memorial to him.

Images of the Neverland Ranch can be seen on Flickr. A slideshow by Tunnelbug is below:

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