Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Lieu Of Jacobs Pontani Takes Her Army Of James To Street Naming


Angie Pontani and her army of Janes takes on City Council Speaker Christine Quinn as she honors the street naming along a portion of Hudson Street: Jane Jacobs Way. The late activist for New York would most likely be at the forefront of the Coney Island redevelopment fight.

The good news, as Quinn pointed out in the ceremony is that many calls are coming in put stress on the city to fix their plan. The city's plan would place tall buildings along the south side of Surf Avenue which would diminish the amusement area in Coney Island.

'Save Coney Island' reports:

Earlier in the day, Save Coney Island released a statement from Jane Jacobs’s son, Ned Jacobs, in which he said he was “appalled” by the City’s rezoning plan for Coney Island.

“While I cannot speak on behalf of my mother, the late Jane Jacobs, or predict what she would think about particular proposals today, in my view, this rezoning plan for Coney Island does not appear to reflect the urban values and planning principles she espoused,” wrote Ned Jacobs, a community activist in Vancouver.

He urged Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council “to prevent this dysfunctional, developer-driven proposal for the Coney Island amusement district from being adopted in its current form.”

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“If the City really wants to honor the memory of Jane Jacobs, it should respect her ideas and fix its plan for Coney Island,” said Save Coney Island spokesman Juan Rivero. “Otherwise, it might as well rename Coney Island’s Surf Avenue ‘Robert Moses Way.’”


Video Description:
The City honored Jane Jacobs by naming Hudson Street Jane Jacobs way. Jane fought to preserve neighborhoods and communities, Save Coney Island paid a visit to the ceremony to remind the city what Jane Jacobs stood for.

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