Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Chance To Save Coney Or Allow It To Be Killed

The City Council’s Land Use Committee has rescheduled their vote for this morning at 10:30 am at City Hall. Making this the last chance before the whole council votes on the Bloomberg plan for Coney Island, which carries with it a major flaw that outright disrespects the unique character of Coney Island along with a disrespect for its future.

Yesterday, spokesperson for the Save Coney Island coalition, Juan Rivero said, “The City Council has a historic opportunity to fix this flawed rezoning plan and head off disaster for Coney Island. New Yorkers from all parts of the city love and care about Coney Island. Each and every member of the City Council has a responsibility to preserve this iconic amusement attraction for their constituents and for future generations.”

The vote in favor of the Mayor’s plan will kill Coney Island as we’ve known it. Causing the amusements to become a commemorative sampling for its past that is surrounded by gentrification and every-where-else America. The hotels they claim will benefit the community will not. At least not the community their speaking about. It will only benefit the new community of luxury condo owners who will move into the 30 story towers in search of oceanfront living. Their next step will be to control the small amusement sector or even force its removal and after that comes the beach privatization. Regardless, what scenario takes place it will not happen for a few years until the economy recovers.
Download the New Save Coney Island Brochure here

Let us not let this doomsday scenario for Coney Island take place. Don’t let the spirit of Coney Island be swept ashore like its neighbor; the Rockaway’s amusement area did.

We urge to make your presence known at this morning’s city council vote. It is very easy. All you have to do is follow the simple effective steps brought to you by the Save Coney Island coalition.

Below is yesterdays ‘Save Coney Island’ press release:

Council Meeting on Coney Island Tomorrow (Tues.) PLEASE ATTEND! The City Council Zoning and Land Use Committees are scheduled to vote tomorrow, Tuesday 21st, on revisions to the Coney Island rezoning plan. I know this sounds like deja vu; but today, apparently, was just a dress rehearsal.


Bring a sign! The last time, they gave us a hard time about anything bigger than 8.5 x 11. You can download one no bigger than that
here. (sample below) Or, if you have one of the 11 x 17 placards, you can fold it to get past security, and display it discreetly once inside.

The vote by the Land Use Committee is the last chance for the plan to be fixed. If council members choose to vote on the plan without significant amendments dealing with the amusement area, we will know that they ignored your calls and that they are indifferent to the destruction of the "People's Playground". The vote by the entire City Council is scheduled for July 29th.

Phone Calls Keep making phone calls! Call Quinn, Recchia, and your council member. Tell them that Coney Island amusements are a city-wide issue, and that the plan must be fixed. All the info you need to make a call is
here. Call now!

Donations: If you would like to help our efforts but are not available to volunteer, you can make a small donation to our cause through
our site. Contributions go toward printing, site-hosting and sundry expenses. Every little bit helps.

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