Friday, July 10, 2009

SPECIAL CONEY PRESENTATION: Coney Mayor's Public Service Announcement

Here's a friendly yet important Public Service Announcement from your Coney Island Mayor, Dick Zigun. Urgently pleading for public help to voice their concerns with the City's plan which includes allowing high rises along the south side of Surf Avenue. This would create a very un-Coney wall that would cause a block to the ocean and a diminished amusement area. In addition a huge shadow will shroud the fun in the sun. The plea is to move the high-rises to the north side, though a shadow will still be a problem at least it won't create a wall. So, please take the time to voice your opinion and help the city not drive in the nails in Coney's coffin.

Zigun’s specific concerns and recommendations include (Via Save Coney Island):

  • The City’s plan would create a wall of four high rises limiting public access to the water and amusements. To fix this, Zigun recommends moving the 27-story towers north of Surf Avenue, a change endorsed by the borough President and Community Board.
  • The City’s plan calls for a reduction from 60 acres to 12 acres devoted to amusements, not enough for the rides that will draw in the tourists. To address this, Zigun proposes expanding the acreage for outdoor rides and amusements.
  • Finally, Zigun notes that the City’s plan creates financial incentives to tear down Coney Island’s few remaining historical landmarks, including Nathan’s Famous. Zigun’s fix: build new, but let us keep a few bits of history by protecting Coney Island’s iconic landmarks.

Don't Kill Coney! Fix the Plan!: A Friendly PSA from Coney Island's 'Mayor'

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