Friday, August 07, 2009

Ask The Experts: Ghosts On Fire In Coney Island

Image by Gary Schwartz
Growing up in Coney Island gives you the gift of wonderful stories and experiences. Michael Schwartz takes you on a wonderful journey through his life with short stories and poems from an his upcoming book, an excerpt of a graphic novel set in different historic eras in Coney, you'll hear a couple of songs, he'll even do a character monologue, a scene, followed by a Q & A. An afternoon sure to be of pure delight whether you share an appreciation for Coney Island or not.

Ask Coney Island USA has greatly provided us for years now, their 'Ask the Experts' series takes you in depth with those who know very well about Coney Island. This Sunday afternoon:
MICHAEL SCHWARIZ: GHOSTS ON FIRE An Afternoon of Sex, Stickball, Mrs Stahl's Knishes, the Cyclone and the Sea, short stories, poems and colorful characters. Michael Schwartz, Coney Island resident, author, playwright and performer, will entertain with a series of vignettes, stories and performances about Coney Island.

Ask the Experts
Michael Schwartz: Ghosts On Fire
Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 pm
$5, FREE for Coney Island USA members!
at the Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Ave.between Stillwell and West 12th st.

Here is the remaining schedule for the 'Ask the Experts' Series:
August 16 - Panel Discussion, Why Small Museums Matter
August 23 - Uncle Monsterface
August 30 Elizabeth Bradley, Knickerbocker: Behind the Myth of New York
September 13 - D.B. Denholtz, Masterpieces of Sideshow Photography: From Daguerreotype to Snapshot (1852-1987)

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