Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thor Needs To Get Out Of Coney Once And For All

It is now plain as the summer sunlight that Thor Equities and Joe Sitt is just another Fred Trump or Robert Moses; the foes in the Coney Island history. Joe Sitt has done nothing to prove wrong what everyone has said about him and his company. They they are mainly speculators out to rip off with Coney Island and its legend and charm.

After bulldozing thriving attractions and a theme park that could've still been left to function while the new Coney Island finally happens, Thor Equities has only made a shambles of everything they touch. As recent as a few days ago, they shut down their own amusement park; Dreamland, which was supposed to be the fill the void they left empty after carelessly evicting the long standing Astroland Amusement Park. Thor has made a mess of their empty lots from a hooky kiddie inflatable slide to a distressing flea market and they yearly short-lived makeshift carnivals that goes kaput before the season ends. Actually coming in late and leaving early.

And even though they could still reopen in a few days they have already displayed a lack of respect. A lack of business savvy doesn't seem to be at the crux of the problem here but a mere lack of respect with a sole interest in financial gain.

There is now a
petition going on to boot them out as well as an angry 'Save Coney Island' coalition retort to the matter.

Save Coney Island writes:
“The closure of ‘Dreamland,’ Thor Equities’ half-hearted attempt at anamusement park, is only the latest installment in Thor's deliberatecampaign to blight Coney Island,” said Save Coney Island spokesman JuanRivero. “First, Thor senselessly drove out many of Coney Island’slong-established amusements — including the beloved Astroland amusementpark — now Thor is even shutting down the amusements that they themselvesbrought in.”

So, sign the petition, make your comments heard on the Internet, and pressure the city to give Thor Equities its 'Get out of Coney card'.


ConeyRocks said...

Without Thor investing in Coney Island I seriously doubt we would have gotten the completed year round zoning in Coney East, North and West.

I will be forever grateful to Thor for being the first to invest tens of millions of dollars in Coney in our lifetimes.

I hope there will be a satisfactory resolution reached between the City and Thor on the parkland. For now I am absolutely thilled with the zoning.

Coney has a 12 month a year chance now that it never had before. Thank G-D! Future years have that shot! Thank you Joe Sitt, Honestly, THANK YOU for hanging in there all through zoning. You got nothing but criticism from the press and Blogs like this one. But you stuck it out through zoning, and Coney finally gets it chance after 40 years of a winter ghost town. It will take time now.

Unknown said...

Joe Sitt, the new O'Malley

Unknown said...

There you go again monster, spreading more lies.

How did Joe Sitt invest in Coney Island? Creating unemployment? Building a illegal eyesore of a Flea Market?

If he is so smart, explain how come he lost the downpayment on Denos Kiddie Park from the Ward Family? He couldn’t afford to pay the rest? And you have him building things, cant even afford to buy the land.

Sitt invested in Coney Island like he invested in Albee Square Mall, promise everything, deliver nothing.

More lies, the recent rezoning had nothing to do with the ability to be open year round, amusements could be open year round. No one is building movie theaters, bowling alleys or any of the other crap you constantly speak about.

Sitt only wants the ability to build condos, time shares, and luxury hotels, which after no one stays in them, will be converted to more condos. Listen to when he states the city rezoning is economically unfeasible.

you’re the only person who truly believes Sitt’s bull$hit, everyone else is smarter and sees him for what he is.