Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rant On Coney Activists Causes Spurn

Yesterday's post on our beloved Coney Saviors taking a break to recoup and recharge in, yet again somewhere north Brooklyn, has caused quite an upset. The post was taken as an attack of labeling them as hispsters who don't even live in Coney Island.

In clarifying the intent of the post, I do apologize for any sentiments it has caused. The point in the post was more 'between the lines' with no insult in mind. More like a rant without the shouting. But many took it as a direct attack, nevertheless. The complaint was about the fact that most events are held in north Brooklyn without taking Coney Island's limited venues more in mind. While one does have to recognize that north Brooklyn neighborhoods like Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights have more desirable spaces for these events, it would be nice for more of them to take place in Coney Island, regardless. Most e-mail complaints from the event's organizer and members of 'Save Coney Island' indicated that Dumbo was a better suited center-point to meet after work. The commute to Coney and back would be too long for a weeknight. While I strongly agree, however, I also feel that more of an effort should be made to have more events take place in Coney island. At least the ones that take place on the weekends, not necessarily on weeknights

A meet to rethink the next strategic move in Saving Coney Island is fine at a convenient location in North Brooklyn, where most pro-amusement activists do happen to live. But events such as fund raisers, benefits, and performances to promote and further the causes for Coney Island have in the past couple of years mostly taken place in North Brooklyn. Vox Pop, SouthPaw, and other exhibit halls and galleries, to name a few, have all taken place in north Brooklyn nabes like Dumbo and Williamsburg. While it's true that Coney Island is very limited in having these facilities, I maintain that with an effort to find spaces for them, an encouragement for growth is created in Coney Island. The 'rant' in the post was a general discomfort about these decisions to utilize north Brooklyn for most of these events.

In summary, I do apologize for while at the same time surprised by the reactions directed towards me. However, I've always welcomed criticism. And I hope most of you understand that my diatribe on this matter was in no way an attack or a difference in a way of thinking to yours. This blog has always been pro-amusement and has always been in line with the desire to protect Coney Island and the fight to keep its historic integrity intact while revitalizing it for its future.

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