Friday, August 07, 2009

The City's Claws Could Swipe Your Hot Dog

Image by ConeyHOP

The passing of the Mayor's Coney rezoning and revitization plan which carries a major flaw; one that would shrink the amusment area by shadowing it with useless highrises is also a big threat for an iconic structure in Coney Island: Nathan's Famous!

Fortunately, forces are underway to stop the city's claws from eradicating Nathan's as we've known it.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported:

Two separate petitions have started on that are aiming to protect the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Stand building in Coney Island.

The hot dog stand, on the corner of Surf and Stillwell avenues, is the very first of the national chain’s outlets, founded by Nathan Handwerker in 1916. It is also the most iconic of the amusement area’s many food merchants, each year hosting the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The building would be torn down to make way for one of several high-rises planned for the neighborhood. Dick Zigun, representing Coney Island USA, an arts center, has said, “We are in favor of the amusements and the housing but we think there should be more room for more rides and less room for hotels. And the demolition of Nathan’s? No way.”

Here is the online petition started by Funtime3 to save Nathan's Famous. We urge you to go and sign it now. At the moment it's at 251 supporters with a goal of 50,000. There are apparently a few petitions for Nathan's at, search their site and find the one you like.

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