Friday, August 21, 2009

ATZ Interviews An Eccentric Personality Extraordinaire

Amusing the Zillion blog goes deep into the eccentric with Justin Case, comedic and wild performer of the the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus which is still playing in Coney Island until September 7th.

"The Australian plays a flustered Frenchman who brilliantly pedals his way through the show and into our hearts", says Tricica Vita of Amuzing the Zillion. ATZ goes in depth with the virtuoso cyclist, stunt performer, comic, and

Image courtesy of Ringling Bros.

ATZ asks Case about Coney Island:
Q: What are your impressions of Coney Island? What are some of the amusements, attractions, or restaurants etc that you and your wife have enjoyed?

A: We’ve very much enjoyed
Footprints, Gargiulo’s, Tatiana’s and Umi Sushi who deliver all the time to the circus lot! My favourite dish is the New Zealand lamb at Gargiulo’s. My wife and I have enjoyed walking along the boardwalk a lot – especially after shows in the evening when it’s cooler – so many different nationalities, families, couples etc all just enjoying the ocean – it’s very relaxing – we’ve also enjoyed exploring and shopping at Brighton Beach.

Q: Have you had a chance to ride the
Wonder Wheel? Swinging or Stationary Seat? The Cyclone? How was it? Time Magazine quoted Charles Lindbergh as saying that a ride on the Cyclone was more thrilling than his historic first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

A: Not ridden them yet but they are on our list of must-dos before we leave!

Read the full interview at Amusing the Zillion blog.

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