Friday, August 14, 2009

Exploring Coney: New Coney Walking Audio And Video Tour For Your Podcast

The Coney Island History Project and Charles Denson (CIHP Executive Director, Coney Island native and author of the award-winning book Coney Island Lost & Found.) brings you a wonderful audio and video tour for you to explore while walking through Coney Island and experience its glorious history while standing in its present. The feel will leave you anticipating Coney Island's future with hope.

NEW! "The Amusement Area: Past & Present," the first-ever Audio Walking Tour of Coney Island! Archival and contemporary photos, historical facts, anecdotes, and guided observation are used to explore Coney Island's past and present as well as its future possibilities.Highlighting historic landmarks and sites endangered by redevelopment, the Coney Island History Project's free audio tours make the People's Playground accessible to visitors and armchair travelers 365 days a year. The tours provide valuable perspective on the historic and cultural importance of a world-famous neighborhood on the cusp of redevelopment.

Currently in beta test version, the History Project's free tours are downloadable as:
-- Audio + pictures/video on desktop/laptops
-- Audio-only MP3 file for download to portable players (older iPods + non-iPod players)
-- Audio + pictures/video for download to iPods and iPhones.
There is also a version for playback on the iPhone via the AT&T mobile network.

For more information see the wonderful C
oney Island History Project website.

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