Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Architect Firm Still With Thor Equities For Coney?

According to an article by Dianna Dilworth for Architectural Record, which was found on the website of the Architect firm EEK; Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects, dated August 27th, 2007 - the same rhetoric of indoor water parks, holographic mermaids, glass towers, high rises, and even some of the cuts and scale backs due to community pressure.

Dilworth writes:
Thor has shown willingness to work with the community. After being pressured by residents who live near the development site, it scaled back its plans by 1 million square feet. The community board is also not entirely opposed to change. It supported the city’s 2003 rezoning to strengthen the amusement district’s core by allowing new jobs and residential development there. City officials have also allocated $83.2 million to area improvements, including the creation of new streets, parking, open space, and a community center. It’s also building Steeplechase Plaza, a low-to-middle-income affordable housing complex, and will renovate the New York Aquarium, located on Surf Avenue.

Though this was written just two months ago most of what was mentioned has already been dropped or not mentioned and is now awaiting city rezoning, if any. Is this simply old news or could this still be swirling around between Thor and EEK? One thing to point out is a different image (above) and angle from the ones shown before of the plans by EEK.


Anonymous said...

Slowly they are getting closer to something I would like to see done - it looks better than the last one with properties right on the boardwalk. But they really need to lower the structures and extend them to surf avenue. Also, why are they building more affordable housing (aka projects) here, have they seen the statistics for areas with heavy concentrations of low-income? ITS A GHETTO IDIOTS! They only way to improve the situation is the reverse - to remove some low-income units and replace them with middle- to upper. There are 5 boroughs to build projects in...~mosesnbklyn

Benyaminov Shamil said...

To 11:28PM

I am hoping for that too...that redevelopment will only bring positive changes without anymore housing projects for ghetto mentality which CI has plenty of them already. You give something to them and they only capable of destroying it, instead of keeping property clean and encourage youth to be more productive. At night all they do is occupied all four corners of the street intersection….What I am afraid of that Bloomberg's administration is here to stay for only 2 more years; therefore, future is very unpredictable.
I believe under Rudy and Bloomberg administration city was able to keep up with improvements and safety. Nobody knows who will run for mayoral position in two years…..