Friday, October 19, 2007

Australian Documentary On Coney Island

This wonderful piece of work brought to Kinetic Carnival's attention by the bloggers over at the Living With Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog takes us through what was for the last few weeks considered the end of Coney as we knew it.

Australian filmmaker who dealt with gentrification in New York with a documentary on the Chelsea Hotel now confronts the fabled amusement place threatened by the wrong development.

The Hotel Chelsea blog writes:
Australian filmmaker Michael Maher, who shot a documentary about the gentrification of the Chelsea Hotel and Chelsea neighborhood for his "Postcards from New York" series, is back in action again, having set in sights on another threatened New York institution, Coney Island. In case you haven't heard, what's happening out there, is that developers are tearing down most of the seedy old amusement park so they can build condos for rich people who, apparently, don't like to have fun. (Is anyone taking bet on how long it will be before they complain about noise, drunks, etc., from the Cyclones ballpark next door.)

Michael Maher takes a nostalgic look at the colorful place once billed as the world’s greatest amusement park in "Postcards from New York: Coney Island"

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