Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Condos In Coney...A Virtual Reality

In order to promote the upcoming Will Smith movie, 'I Am Legend' (based on Richard Matheson's classic 1954 sci-fi novel), a tie-in online multi-player game on 'Second Life' has been released. In an interview on Second Life Insider, two of the games creators explain that to simplify the game's New York setting, they focused on the key areas of Central Park, Chinatown, Columbus Circle and, of course, Coney Island. One of the creator's, Cory Edo, seems particularly excited about the Coney sim:

Coney Island is my favorite because its creepy as hell. This sim is probably the one we pulled the most from RL. We have the Coney Island subway station, the freak show, the wonder wheel... there's the Boardwalk and the beach, and that's the Grand Tour!

For those of you who want a slightly less involved way to vicariously experience Coney Island online, there is a fun video on Gowanus Lounge shot from the wonder wheel.

Neither Second Life nor a video blog can compare to the real thing, of course, but it is nice to take a few minutes now and then and pretend you're down by boardwalk (riding the Wonder Wheel, or fighting 'darkseekers,' as the case may be) and not sitting at your desk at work.

Visit the 'Second Life' official website here.
A few screenshots below:

- post by Ben Nadler

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