Tuesday, October 23, 2007

History Detectives Investigate Authenticity Of Coney Steeplechase Artifact

Yesterday, the 'Coney Island Lions' episode of History Detectives was posted on You Tube in two parts. The episode originally ran on PBS in 2005, but anyone who missed it then should check it out online now. The immediate objective of the show's investigation is to determine if a collector's metal lion paws actually came from the entrance of Steeplechase Park, as he beleives. Along the way, a great history of Steeplechase Park is given. The show's climax comes when Charles Denson appears with vital photographic evidence.

Steeplechase Lions Paws 1 of 2

Steeplechase Lions Paws 2 of 2

Steeplechase Lions Paws Part I & Part II [YouTube]
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