Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coney Island is New York

New York launched its first multi nation advertising campaign today, according to an article on The "This is New York Campaign" will be promoted in a number of mediums throughout the world, in an attempt to increase the amount of tourists who visit New York each year. The Newsday article gives a preview:

Set to a contemporary remix of Ella Fitzgerald singing "Take the A Train," the TV spots merge video of a family's visit to New York with fanciful animation. Flying hot dogs pass over Coney Island's ferris wheel; a giant pair of red heels makes its way across Fifth Avenue; the Yankees' baseball diamond suddenly transforms into a slice of pizza.

Apparently, the imagery of Coney Island is a big part of how the City of New York wants to be viewed by the world. As well it should be. Let's just hope that city's affection for Coney Island is reflected in real life- specifically in regards to how redevelopment issues are handled- and not just in cartoons.

- post by Ben Nadler

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