Thursday, February 28, 2008

City To Finally Repair (Small Section of) Boardwalk

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The NY Post has reported that the city has decided to finally replace the collapsing Coney Island boardwalk, starting with the stretch from West 12th to West 15th streets. Considering the boardwalk's state of disrepair, and the numerous resulting accidents, this is good news, even with the cautious start of three blocks.

Instead of replacing the boards with more Amazon hardwood boards, the city has decided to use synthetic imitation wood boards. This fits in with Bloomberg's pledge to reduce the city's use of tropical hardwoods.

Back in December, several activist groups organized a Polar Bear style swim to protest the use of rainforest woods on the boardwalk. It's unclear what impact the activists actions had on the city's decision.


- post by Ben Nadler

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