Monday, February 11, 2008

Coney Sand Castles at Uptown Gallery

At the end of this month, a retrospective of the work of photographer Stanley Greenberg will open at the Gitterman Gallery, on the Upper East Side. The show will include work from various projects which Greenberg - a Brooklyn native, and former city worker,whose photos appear in the Met, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Whitney- has produced over the past fifteen years. Among these projects his 2003-2004 series exploring the sandcastles of Coney Island and Brighton Beach. According to a write up on the French photography website ActuPhoto, "Some of these images look like archaeological sites where nature has come to reclaim the land, while others appear to be creations by alien civilizations. They are a reminder of the ephemeral nature of construction, large and small." This artistic statement is particularly relevant now, as Coney Island area prepares to engage in a new round of construction.

Stanley Greenberg
Show: Feb. 28th to May 10th
Gitterman Gallery
170 E. 75th St.

- post by Ben Nadler

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