Thursday, February 07, 2008

Museum Quality Coney Rides

Image 'Time to rain' courtesy of balitc 86

The Brooklyn Museum's website has been running a fantastic blog series as a tie in to the 'Goodbye Coney Island?' photo exhibit. The most recent installment focuses on images of classic Coney rides culled from the public 'Goobye Coney Island' Flickr group .

We have all seen plenty of photographs of Coney Island rides, but some of the pictures here really stand out. Particularly striking are Chutney Bannister's sparse depiction of the Cyclone in which the ride's armature meshes with the branches of trees, and Egulvision's photo of the 2000 destruction of the Thunderbolt.

Image 'f-coney island 17' courtes of penmadison

Classic Coney Rides [Brooklyn Museum]

- post by Ben Nadler

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H. Stewart said...

I've been checking this site out a lot lately, too. A heads up that the New Yorker features a 4 page photo spread on the boardwalk in their current Feb 11 & 18 issue; unfortunately, the article's not available on-line, but if you can find a copy on the newsstand, the two photos are great.

There's quite a trend of Coney photos in the city right now, between the Brooklyn Museum show, the New Yorker and the two shows you've promoted previously on here: Deborah Matlack's in Park Slope and Anna Sawaryn's in the Village.