Monday, February 25, 2008

Strictly For the Birds

The Parachute Jump is no longer a functional ride, and many (including Brooklyn borough president) don't think it shines brightly enough to fulfill its role as landmark. The local falcons, though, seem to have no complaints.

The New York bird watching blog, City Birder, reports the presence of peregrine falcons on the Parachute Jump:

The unused steel tower is a favorite perch for the local peregrines. I usually go to about 8 [cyclone] games a year […] and it was during my first or second game that I discovered the raptor's choice perch. Our seats were along the first base line, in line with the tower. I noticed one, then two, then several feathers fluttering passed. The source was from the top of the tower. A Peregrine Falcon had just caught a pigeon and was plucking it from its perch on the parachute ride. It was a nice diversion during a slow inning.

In addition to the falcons and the obvious smattering of pigeons, sparrows, and various gulls, the City Birder also reports the sighting of several other bird species- such as Great Blue Herons- in the Coney Island area. South Brooklyn & Gravesend Bay [The City Birder]South Brooklyn & Gravesend Bay [The City Birder]

South Brooklyn & Gravesend Bay [The City Birder]
- post by Ben Nadler

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Leni Schwendinger said...

Birds! FINALLY a Parachute Jump-related topic of great human interest!

As a friend of both birds and the Jump, I am delighted to hear about the nesting falcons.

Did you know that the lights are programmed to turn off early during migratory months – as part of the Audubon Society’s Lights-Out initiative?