Monday, February 18, 2008

Preview of New Coney Documentary

It's becoming something of a trend these days to use Coney Island as the subject of photographs and films. Many of these works seem to focus on the aesthetic or symbolic aspects of Coney, rather than the actual political and economic issues the area is currently facing. "Coney," a forthcoming documentary brought to our attention via The Gowanus Lounge, is an exception to this.

On the film's website, "
Coney" is described as, "a feature length documentary film that examines the effects of gentrification on a New York neighborhood." The site goes on to describe Coney Island as "a community of working class people" specifically threatened by gentrification spearheaded by Thor Equities.

Judging from the four minute preview posted on
Vimeo, the documentary "Coney" is going to be particularly in depth and well done (if rather polemic) film.

- post by Ben Nadler

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