Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Petition: This One Aims To Save Astroland

Okay, it only has about 8 signatures at the moment of this posting but it would be interesting to see how many people won't konk out because they would do anything (or at least sign this petition) to help save Astroland from its already presumed death. The only thing to save it would be a last minute push by the city, which already bought the land under it, to give the park operators a new last-minute-lease. But there hasn't been much mention about the city having a desire to help the Alberts who operated the Coney Island amusement park for nearly 40 years.

Even though it could be just for kicks, sign the petition started by Nick Palermo on the Care 2 Petitionsite where they say; start a petition and save the world.

Clicke here to go and sign the 'Save Astroland' petition.

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