Monday, December 22, 2008

Your Contributions Could Help Fuel That Coney Imagination

The Municipal Arts Society is asking for your support and contrubution to help with their "ImagineConey" programs.

Right now we need your support. We’re putting on a full court press to ensure Coney’s future: a 2009 exhibition of the plans and ideas, major public programs and discussions and an ambitious agenda for summer 2009.

Whimsy and amusement may seem unlikely subjects in these troubled economic times, but MAS believes that Coney Island, reinvented in the right way, can become a true economic engine for the city.

New Yorkers need to show that we can reinvent Coney Island as a creative, inventive and economically viable amusement area. To this end, through public workshops and our
“Imagine Coney” website MAS has collected more than 200 new ideas – from the outlandish to the inspiring: a Ferris wheel powered by the waves off Coney Island’s beach; a rebuilt Elephant Hotel; an interactive “Dig a Hole to China”: “Keep Coney Island subversive, quasi-outlaw, quirky, individual and raffish” wrote one articipant.

For more than 115 years, The Municipal Arts Society has helped pave the way to reinvent New York City with saving Times Square and creating the largest park in Fresh Kills, Staten Island. They hope to do the same with Coney Island. They say their simple strategy is: to bring the public voice into the shaping of the city.

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