Monday, December 08, 2008

For Your Coney Holiday Shopping List: Gaydar Gadget At Lola Staar

The Lola Staar boutique brings you the ultimate in gimmick gadget for you or your gay friends: The gay detector key chain!

From Lola Staar:
Gay? Straight?? Can't Tell?? If they are on your radar, Use Gaydar's amazing powers of detection to find out for you. Gay, straight, or undecided, GAYDAR will tell you instantly!!

Just point this mechanism at your target and press the button! The gaydar will answer....

"Oh, No!! ... you're like totally...Straight!!...what a waste!"

"Hmmmm..that's a maybe baby...this one's still deciding!"

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pitney bowes supplies said...

It is good for shopping... :)