Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Coney Photo Blog: Dedicated To Astroland's Last Day

Rebekah Burgess brings us her images of Coney Island during the last days of Astroland in her photo blog at


Anonymous said...

The "Astroland's Last Days" blogger is woefully ignorant The blogger doesn't even the difference between Astroland and attractions owned by others. The first 20 or so photos are NOT of Astroland but Thor's lot on Stillwell, Eldorado's,Deno's, McCullough's (bee ride), Coney Island Arcade etc. May I point out that all of those attractions will be back in 2009 so it is not their last days?

Anonymous said...

The blog documents Coney Island (the overall entity) while Astroland is being disassembled. So quick to criticize!!

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm quick to criticize. A lot of people think ALL of Coney Island is shutting down including the Wonder Wheel. That's not going to bring business to Eldorado's, Denos's and the others who will be open this year. This captionless cluelsss "Astroland's Last Days" blog just adds to the confusion.