Thursday, December 25, 2008

D Day For Coney Island Boardwalk Businesses Looms

Image courtesy of Mr Jonsey PabloJonsey (Coney Island message board)

The talk around Coney yesterday and today are all the "Store For Lease" signs that went up over all the Coney Island boardwalk businesses from Gregory & Paul's to Steve's Grill House. Word has it that Thor Equities is probably bullying them either to vacate their premises or pay a triple rent for the 2009 season. Whether this is a nasty scrooge tactic by Thor Equities or not, it sure is alarming and a clear sign that for the first time in decades, Coney Island of 2009 will be hugely different than its every been. If not completely vacant - or temporarily make-shifted by Thor Equities. Worst of all - this could spell doom for Coney Island trademark businesses on the boardwalk like Ruby's and Lola Staar. A conference call with proprietors will be taking place as they wait for word of negotiations before D Day: December 30th.

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