Friday, March 06, 2009

Casting Call For 'Astroland' Student Film

Students at Hunter College have put out a casting call for their short film on Coney Island: "Ode to Astroland" which will shoot March 28th & March 29th in Coney Island. They seek a couple of seniors and a couple of children.


Joe (Senior, 65+)
Takes Margaret out on a date to Coney Island. However, it is no longer what he remembers it to be. He becomes devastated, not knowing how to handle the world changing.

Margaret (Senior, 65+) :
Accompanies Joe on a date to Coney Island. Once it is clear the day won’t go as planned, Margaret decides to salvage what is left of the day.

Young Joe (10) :
Sits with Margaret on a bench, tosses popcorn in his mouth.

Young Margaret (10) :
Sits with Joe on a bench, tosses popcorn into her mouth.

This short film is silent and therefore there are no lines for all of the characters.

Please submit any photos, resumes, and contact info to:

There is no pay, but meals, credit and copy of the film will be provided.

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