Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Former Coney Island Sidehow Performer Returns To His Roots

Popular freakshow performer who left Coney almost two years ago, Edward Arrocha a.k.a Eak the Geek is returning his New York's east village old stomping grounds after a stint in law school. Whether he plans on returning to the sideshow has not been mentioned. Also, as to whether he will get tattooed again, he's not sure. Edward recalls his tattooing on the City Snapshot blog:

“I go through phases every few years–getting more with new life experiences,” he says. With tattoos in almost every location feasible, what part of the body hurt the most? Eak can attest that his most painful tattoo is on the inner thigh".

Recently, the Coney Island Sideshow said goodbye to another one of their features stars; Insectavora. Eak the Geek was one of those memorable New York Coney characters that stood out. It will be wonderful if he returns for an occasional gig at the Sideshow sometime in the near future.

Faceshot: Eak the Geek [City Snapshot]

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