Friday, March 20, 2009

Ringling Brothers Circus Could Coming To Coney Island

What sounded like a rumor reported on the Brooklyn Paper, ended up sounding more like a possibility reported on the New York Post - about talks to bring the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus to Coney Island for the full summer season.

The New York Post reported:
Steve Payne, a vice president for Feld Entertainment, which produces the circus, called Coney Island "an American icon" that is an attractive area for Ringling Brothers to consider expansion, but added "it's premature" to further comment.

The circus is said to be in negotiations with the city and Taconic Investments to pitch the circus tent somewhere on the W. 22nd street lot owned by Taconic. But the plans are still just talk.

The Brooklyn Paper writes:

"It would be premature to comment on plans for any new markets that are not finalized," said Steve Payne, a vice president of Freld Entertainment, which produces the venerable three-ring circus.

Ringling Brothers Coming To Coney Island [The Brooklyn Paper]

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Anonymous said...

My son and I went to see it on the last day Sunday Sept 7. We loved the perfomers, but soon I became sad when seeing how many dumb and useless tricks the tigers and elephants had to do. Worst yet, I walked on the boardwalk and could see the back of the tent, a small parking space where the tigers were kept in small cages, in the sun and are never let out. My cats have better lives than these poor miserable creatures. The lady tiger tamer in costume kept hitting them with whips to make them perform. Believe me I wanted to hit her back.