Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill Revs Up For Summer Season

To inform what some may feel looks like the Coney Island Surf & Turf Grill on Surf Avenue and Stillwell is closed half the time - Ruby's Host puts out the word on the Coney Island USA message board:

People have been asking, since they see the gates down frequently, if they are closing. Surf & Turf Grill is open and getting ready for another summer of fun. Surf & Turf Grill is open year round but, winter is limited hours and menu. They are starting their weekend parties this weekend. Friday night is Limo Party Night with DJ playing Top 40's. Saturday Doors open at 10 pm for the Surf & Turf Club Party - free round of shots at midnight - Hip Hop & Rap. They are working on their summer band schedule.

Check their site on MySpace for more updated info or call Chris at Surf & Turf Grill or Surf Cafe at 718-513-6491

Watch their promo video below

For those who love picture taking..add some Surf & Turf images at their Flickr group.

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