Friday, March 13, 2009

Concilmember Domenic Recchia Proclaims His Love From The Mayor

At Community Board 13's Wednesday meeting, Concilmember Domenic Recchia got up to rant and yell about how the CB13 is not a waste of time and the votes and recommendations will be heard by the Mayor and taken seriously because he is loved by the Mayor. The Village Voice has posted the audio of Recchia's rant.

Audio: Dominic Recchia Yells At Coney Island Hearing [The Village Voice]

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ConeyRocks said...

Omar - It was such a thrill to watch Domenic work his magic Wednesday night at the meeting. I held my wife's hand as Domenic spoke. And people on the CB13 board expressed such love for Recchia. I honestly believe Recchia will ride this all the way to the Council vote this summer. The community adores him. He is so damn Brooklyn. What a great night it was.

I have really true hope now that Coney will get developed. I have had my doubts with all the Nimby activity, but no more. Domenic is like having an army for Coney. He has absolutely united the real neighborhood of Coney Island.

Thanks so much for posting this audio. Great job man!