Saturday, March 07, 2009

Greatest Show On Earth Coming To Coney?

With much ado about nothing, a ruckus was created over on one of the Coney Island USA message board threads when buzz came on that a wacky sideshow performer was coming to Coney Island with a huge show. Performer, John Strong III, has been rumored on a Yahoo group that he will be bringing the Greatest Show on Earth right here to Coney Island.

At first sounding like a real low class braggart and blowhard, spewing out venomous attacks towards Dick Zigun and other posters, it turns out to probably be a hoax poster. Whether, those posts were from John Strong III or not, a confederacy of newbie posters all of a sudden gravitated towards the board from a Sideshow Yahoo group to add to the brew.

Now, new word from website, has reported that Representatives of Thor Equities is dealing with Mr. Srong to bring in a a 150 foot show bannerline front, freak animal, A David Copperfield opening, and arcades from Micheal Jackson's Neverland Ranch, was rumored to have been picked up at the airport in a limo and come to Coney Island to tour Thor's empty lots in Coney Island for the possibility of his show extravaganza. The show when assembled will be the Super-Wal-mart of the Sideshow World.

CarnyTown writes:

Further into the park and Midway Mr. Strong noted 5 grind shows!!! -Count-em Baby! All in key corner locations. The list includes - Giant Rat, Snake, Little Horse and Spidora and the Headless Woman. The corporate sponsor is begging for the 2-heading baby show - but is hesitating to pay Mr. Strong the extra money to set it up. Furthermore, Mr Strong is calling out to the Circus community to help him staff the spectacular Circus that the Dreamland is contracting him to do. Next the famous Cycole Roller Coaster. Fire performers are not needed as they have already demanded his Famous Batman Stunt Show - including his WORLD RECORD HUMAN FIREBALL BLOW.All of this will be done in the Shadow the spectacular rides formerly of the M. Jackson's Neverland Park. Many of these rides were customed design for M. Jackson and have never been seen by the public. Directly across the midway in another large building John will be running a old fashioned arcade with a center piece of a major Jam Auction.The mascot for the New Dreamland is none other than Jocko - Mr. Strong's famous organ grinder's monkey- who is trained to collect $20 bills and passout POP bands to throngs of fans their to see the New Dreamland Amusement Park.

Whether this is accurate or not, we'll have to wait until more information surfaces.

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