Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Coney Openings: Topless Bar In Coney Island

Complete with stripper poles and frisk rooms, this new topless bar is the new thing to open in Coney Island. Finally, someone was daring enough to open some kind of entertainment venue that should make money in Coney Island. Unfortunately, not the kind most of us were hoping for.

Queens Crap writes:

the Foxy Gentleman’s Club at 1201 Surf Avenue advertises table-side dancing, VIP rooms and “beautiful show girls.” A red neon sign over the entrance on West 12th Street depicts the provocative silhouette of a nude woman on her knees – just feet from the sign directing the civic-minded to the offices of Community Board 13.

Topless girls; clueless cb13-Board [ via Queens Crap]


Anonymous said...

Umm...are you kidding? "Queens Crap" writes?
This story comes from the Bay News. Nice attribution, KC.

Omar Robau said...

Thanks for pointing out what I overlooked. No attribution intended.

Anonymous said...

Every area I have encountered that has strip clubs have always been transitional. Forget any chance of upscale.