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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bullard Willing To Sell

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According to this piece from the New York Post, the city is one step closer to making it's plan for a new Coney Island a reality. Once we hear that Thor is making plans to sell to the city (at a reasonable price), we'll know that something is really happening.
The No. 2 property owner in Coney Island's amusement area is talking to the Bloomberg administration about selling the city some of the land it needs to create a 15-acre megapark along the fabled boardwalk.

Kansas Fried Chicken mogul Horace Bullard and partner Peter Sheffer told The Post yesterday they're ready to sell the city an acre of vacant land .

"We want to be team players," said Bullard, who met with members of the Bloomberg administration Thursday to discuss the mayor's 47-acre Coney Island rezoning plan.

Coney Island Part & Parcel [New York Post]
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