Monday, December 31, 2007

Two Coney Island Podcasts Coming In 2008

Not one but TWO podcasts on Coney Island are planned for the coming year!

Lola Staar's website has announced a Coney podcast to begin in March:
This March, the first episode of the Lola Staar Podcast will debut on computers across the globe!! Each podcast episode will be hosted by a different, fabulous burlesque star. It will feature Coney Island community news, arts, music, entertainment, fashion, history, sports and much more! Stay tuned for the launch of our first captivating episode!!!

And what's interesting is that, by coincidence and already in the works has been a Coney podcast by this blog Kinetic Carnival that will launch in January of '08.

The podcast will feature general news, stories, interviews, music, and other tidbits by the people of Coney Island. What's great about podcasts is that they allow us to get deeper into the stories and issues.

Coming up in the first few podcasts by Kinetic Carnival are various people who have a lot to say about Coney Island, like one particular actor who has more than rubbed shoulders with some eccentric tough characters during the Coney mob heydays of the 1950's. We'll also be talking with one of the last Red Hot Mommas who has a great passion to have her rant on what's happening in Coney Island heard. She'll also expound on her wonderful experiences in the Coney of her youth and how sadly she's witnessed the area's decay. They'll also be interviews conducted by students of P.S.1 in Brooklyn with Coney Islanders like Major Meat's Jim Prince, and former sideshow performer Jennifer Miller and others. Plus much more!

Stay tuned further announcements and exact launch date.

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