Monday, December 31, 2007

Lola Staar New Boutique and Roller Skating Rink For '08

Lola Staar was thrilled to announce her new second boutique that will be opening up inside the Stillwell Subway terminal. Also in the announcement are plans for a roller skating rink for Coney Island:

The announcement read:

Lola Staar is thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new boutique in Coney Island this spring! Our second Coney Island shop will be located inside the sparkling new, fabulously renovated Stillwell Avenue Subway station!

Another, even more exciting dream is in the works for 2008. A preliminary manifestation of Lola's dream to build a Roller Rink in Coney Island may take place this summer! We will keep you updated as Lola's exciting dream unfolds!

Where the skating rink will be located still has to be announced. Some are already speculating whether the city is in on the rink project with Staar or if Dianna Carlin, owner and founder of Lola Staar is in fact working with Joe Sitt and Thor Equities. Much has still to be mentioned in the next coming weeks or perhaps months.

You can follow the discussion on the CIUSA board

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