Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Year's Top Story

Image courtesy of Gotham Gazzette

The redevelopment of Coney Island (and other New York City areas) was included on The Gotham Gazette's list of the top ten New York news stories of 2007, under the umbrella headline of, 'Despite Economic Jitters, Development Continues':
With Wall Street going through what is at best a period of "volatility" and low-income New Yorkers losing their homes because of mortgage foreclosures, development continues in New York.
In addition to Coney Island, The Gazette mentioned Atlantic Yards, Hudson Yards, the High Line park, Columbia's expansion into West Harlem, and Jamaica, Queens as part of the same general development story.

Other stories on the Gotham Gazette list included Spitzer taking office, the crime rate continuing to fall, and the City's issuing of report cards for public schools. At Kinetic Carnival, however, there was only one top story of 2007: the redevelopment of Coney Island.

Top Stories of 2007 [Gotham Gazette]

- post by Ben Nadler

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