Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stephon Marbury Sideshow Poster

Coney Island's hometown hero, Stephon 'Starbury' Marbury, has had a rough year. He lost both his mentor, Robert Williams, and his father, Don, and is now on indefinite leave from the Knicks.

Brooklyn based illustrator Joel Kimmel has captured this moment in Marbury's personal history in this picture, which is done in the style of a classic Coney Island poster. Kimmel explained his motivation on his blog:

I wanted to portray him back in Coney Island on an old sideshow-style poster. The poster advertises Starbury as Coney Island's finest (he has a tattoo stating the same), but the boardwalk is completely empty, and maybe the curtain is closing - as if the once popular attraction is shutting down. A lot of his supporters have turned away, and people are speculating when he will play again.

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- post by Ben Nadler

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