Saturday, December 01, 2007

Coney Island as Campaign Platform

The full circumstances behind State Senator Kruger and Councilman Recchia's invasive protest of Nov. 19th's CIDC meeting are still not known. It is pretty clear, however, that- whatever their other motivations- both politicians are interested in raising their profiles in advance of future elections.

In Councilman Recchia's case, the election in question will most likely be an attempt to oust Rep. Vito Fossella (R- Bay Ridge) next year. But according to a recent Brooklyn Paper story Recchia is already facing some fierce (and anonymous) backlash.
Last week, someone re-distributed an unsigned "Community Report Card" that gives Reccia F's on "stopping over-development," "creating affordable housing," for "wanting to convert Asser Levy Park into an amphitheater," "neighborhood cleanliness" and "creating jobs in Coney Island." […]

The issues addressed by the card seem to focus on Coney Island, which falls in Recchia's district, and may have been connected to his defense of Thor Equities' proposed $1.5-billion, Las Vegas-style theme park.

Kruger- who has been a state senator for 13 years now, and is rumored to be gunning for the job of Borough President in 2009 (a job Recchia is also rumored to be interested in) - has been keeping his good name in the newspaper the old fashioned way: giving out free turkeys.

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- post by Ben Nadler

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